Keynote Speakers:

Kate Balestrieri PsyD, CSAT-S

Kate Balestrieri PsyD, CSAT-S is a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist - Supervisor, the Co-founder of Triune Therapy Group and the Co-host of Behind Closed Doors with Dr. Kate & Lauren. Follow her

Allen Berger, PhD

Allen Berger, Ph.D. is an author of several books and articles on recovery. Over 4 decades of clinical experience treating individuals and families in recovery from alcoholism and other drug addictions. He has worked with some of the top addictions and psychology professionals: William C Rader, MD, Lealya Vivian Gary, PhD, Judi Hollis, PhD, and Walter Kempler, MD, to name but a few. He was part of a group that pioneered the provision of services for the family members of chemically dependent people. Simultaneous with his early years as a counselor, he majored in psychology at California State University, Long Beach, and then took a master’s degree. Dr. Berger went on to UC-Davis, where he received a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. His career in addictions has included duty as Clinical Supervisor of the Alcohol Recovery Service of South Bay Hospital, Clinical Director of the Eating Disorders Unit of San Pedro Peninsula Hospital, work with severely disturbed patients and families at Fairfield Hills Hospital, the co-founder of The Center for Counseling and Recovery, service as Chief Clinical Officer of Cumberland Heights in Nashville, Clinical Director of La Ventana, and a great many years of private practice, Director of Clinical Training at the California Institute of Gestalt Experiential Therapy, and the founder of the Institute for Optimal Recovery and Emotional Sobriety. Dr. Berger has five published books, with several more in the pipeline, many recorded lectures and is a frequent speaker and trainer for both the recovery community and other healthcare professionals. He has extensive training and experience in recovery counseling and in helping couples and families use their pain or struggles to forge better relationships and adjust to the changes that occur during recovery.

Lauren Dummit LMFT,CSAT

Lauren Dummit LMFT,CSAT and Co-founder of Triune Therapy Group specializes in trauma and addiction as well as various sex and relationship issues. She is also the co-host of the popular KABC radio show, Behind Closed Doors with Dr. Kate and Lauren.

Harry Haroutunian, MD

Harry Haroutunian, MD is an internationally known speaker and authority on topics of addiction and recovery from the disease of addiction, including drug misuse among older adults. He is the author of Being Sober, Not as Prescribed and co-author of Hijacking The Brain. Dr. Harry is board certified in both addiction and family medicine and has served as physician director of both the professional and residential programs at one of the nation's leading treatment facilities. He is currently president of Harry Haroutunian MD a Professional Corporation, located in Rancho Mirage and Beverly Hills, Medical Director of The Beach House in Malibu and Private Solutions Detox in Rancho Mirage; where he continues to provide hope and healing for those affected by the disease of addiction.

John Herdman, PhD, LADC

John Herdman, PhD, LADC is the author of A Rational Workbook for Change which is a Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) workbook for students and clients. He has been presenting workshops on CBT for 30 years. He has presented at international, national and local conferences and workshops on a variety of behavioral health topics.

Leon Larimer, PhD, APA

Leon Larimer, PhD, APA, has had extensive experience in intensive group and individual psychotherapy. His current research interests are attachment theory and mentalization. He and his wife Julie reside in Carmel, California.

Stuart Levinton, Esq

Stuart Levinton, Esq is a California attorney with 25 years of experience advising companies in the areas of business and employment law. A former Vice-Chair of the Calif. Fair Employment and Housing Commission, Stuart is the COO of Seeking Integrity LLC.

Michael McGee, MD

Dr. McGee graduated from Stanford University in 1979, with a Bachelor’s degree with distinction in Biology. He then graduated in 1985 from Stanford University School of Medicine and completed his residency training in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. McGee conveniently treats patients living throughout Massachusetts, California, and New Hampshire through online telehealth applications that securely support computer and smartphone access.
With over 30 years of experience in psychiatry, Dr. McGee’s many years of research and clinical interests have included the integration of spirituality and meditation into psychiatric treatment to create a ‘bio-psycho-social-spiritual’ approach to psychiatric and behavioral care. He has extensive experience in addiction treatment, geriatric psychiatry, medical psychiatry (psychosomatic medicine), and general adult psychiatry. Dr. McGee has presented and is published extensively on the topics of spirituality, addictions and dementia.

David Sack, MD

David Sack, MD is the founder of Elements Behavioral Health and served as CEO and CMO. Elements is a national provider of residential substance abuse and mental health treatment services and is dedicated to providing the most advanced and comprehensive treatment services available. Dr. Sack has enjoyed successful careers in clinical, research and administrative psychiatry. After receiving his medical degree from Rush Medical College, he completed his residency in Psychiatry at the UCLA-Neuropsychiatric Institute. Dr. Sack served as a senior clinical scientist in the Clinical Psychobiology Branch of the NIMH. He subsequently served as Senior Vice President for Clinical Research for Comprehensive Neurosciences where he conducted and supervised research in schizophrenia, depression, insomnia, cognitive disorders and alcohol dependency. Dr. Sack served as President of College Health IPA and Aspen Community services where he developed managed care and community behavioral health care programs for high risk and vulnerable populations. Dr. Sack is board certified in Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine.

Robert Weiss, PhD, MSW

Robert Weiss PhD, MSW, CEO of Seeking Integrity LLC, is a digital-age sex, intimacy, and relationship specialist. Dr. Weiss has spent more than 25 years developing treatment programs, educating clinicians, writing, and providing direct care to those challenged by digital-age infidelity, sexual addiction/compulsivity, and other addictive disorders. He is the author of several highly regarded books on sex and intimacy disorders including Prodependence, Out of the Doghouse, Sex Addiction 101, and Cruise Control, among others. He also podcasts (Sex, Love, & Addiction 101) and hosts a free, weekly interactive sex and intimacy webinar via His current projects are, an extensive online resource for recovery from sex and intimacy disorders and Seeking Integrity Los Angeles, an Integrated Intensive Program for Sex and Intimacy Disorders (Opening in Feb, 2019). For more information or to reach Dr. Weiss, please visit his websites, and, or follow him on Twitter (@RobWeissMSW), LinkedIn (Robert Weiss LCSW), and Facebook (Rob Weiss MSW).

Faculty Members:

Jack Abel, MDiv, MBA

Rev. Jack Abel, MDiv, MBA is “Vice President, Wellness and Culture” for Urban Recovery NYC. In this role, he leads residential addiction treatment that includes spiritual care, fitness, dietary, and other wellness modalities. A recognized expert on spirituality in addiction and other behavioral health care, Jack is co-founder and current president of Spiritual Care Addiction Treatment Professionals, and serves as CFO of the Center for Spiritual Care and Pastoral Formation. He is an ordained minister in good standing in the United Church of Christ and a summa cum laude graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary. Jack pursued advanced studies at Catholic University and The New Seminary, and previously served as an endorsed substance abuse chaplain and pastor in the United Methodist Church. He is also a member in good standing of the North American Academy of Liturgy and A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy.

Marissa Andres-Kim, MD

Marissa Andres-Kim, MD, is a board certified psychiatrist, who completed her residency at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center after graduating from the University of California in Davis. She works at a community mental health center for the Los Angeles County’s Department of Mental Health, where she treats patients for general psychiatric disorders, including substance use. She works with Dr. Iman Parhami and Dr. Brian Hurley to establish a Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders Sub-Clinic and Multi-Disciplinary Team that is focused on improving the delivery of addiction treatment in a community setting. She is also the lead for the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy team that works with patients with Borderline Personality Disorder, including those with co-morbid substance use. Outside of her clinic, she is part of the volunteer faculty at the New Center for Psychoanalysis in Westwood and teaches a seminar on Object Relations Theory.

Amanda Baker, MS, LCDC

Amanda K. (Mandy) Baker, MS, LCDC is the Chief Clinical Officer for the BRC Recovery Family of Programs, overseeing all clinical services offered at BRC Recovery, Spearhead Lodge, and Makana Path. She is the former Vice President of Clinical Services at Origins Recovery Centers, where she oversaw five levels of care in four facilities. She has also held positions at The Ranch at Dove Tree, and Texas Tech Center for Students in Recovery. At Texas Tech, Mandy and her team were instrumental in developing the recovery campus movement, which has significantly impacted the ways in which colleges address addiction. Her experience working with prestigious treatment facilities and collegiate programs throughout the state of Texas, helping people of all ages to find recovery, makes her a prime candidate to be running clinical operations for the BRC Recovery Family of Programs.

Jean Campbell, LCSW, CIPP, CPC, TEP

Jean Campbell, LCSW, CIPP, CPC, TEP is a Board Certified Trainer and Practitioner of Psychodrama and Sociometry, Certified in Positive Psychology and Happiness at Work, a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner in Training (Advanced Level), and a Certified Professional Coach. She combines her 11 years in the corporate sector with her 23 years of experience in the behavioral health field, focusing on building connection and community, and resolving trauma and addiction. As Director of the Action Institute of California, she is committed to providing leadership workshops, training professionals and creating safe spaces for healing and transformational work.

Diana Clark, JD, MA

Diana Clark, JD, MA is a renowned family recovery advocate in the field of addiction and mental health treatment. She holds a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University and has authored and facilitated numerous workshops, and coordinating book, “Addiction Recovery: A Family’s Journey," specifically designed for family members of those struggling with addiction. As a recognized force of clear speech, logic, and loving acceptance, Diana has helped thousands of families establish healthy boundaries, manage expectations appropriately, and develop plans for their own recovery.

Joanna Conti, BS, MS

Joanna Conti, BS, MS as her daughter cycled in and out of multiple alcoholism treatment programs over five long years, Conti became very frustrated by the lack of success rate data available to help families find the best facilities. Building upon her previous experience running a software company, Conti started Vista Research Group to provide treatment centers with real-time progress monitoring data proven to help patients get better faster during treatment as well as the independent post-treatment success rate data so important to families and payers.

Robyn Cruze, MA

Robyn Cruze, MA born and raised in Australia, Robyn Cruze’s first profession was as a successful film, TV and theater actor across Australia and the United Kingdom. With a master’s degree in Solo Performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, today, Robyn utilizes her performance skills, personal experience, and research to educate on how to build a healthy relationship with body and the food we put in it. She is the co-author of Making Peace with Your Plate, and author of a children’s affirmation book, Lovely Dreams. Robyn is the Founder of The Body Conversation, and the National Binge Eating and Substance Use Advocate for Eating Recovery Center (ERC.) She is a popular keynote speaker, educator, and writer, covering topics of body image, eating disorder recovery, The Body Conversation and breaking stigma surrounding mental illness.

Itai Danovitch, MD

Itai Danovitch, MD is the Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He earned his bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley, and his medical doctorate from UCLA. He completed psychiatry residency at Columbia, an addiction psychiatry fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and a Master of Business Administration at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Prior to his current role he served as Director of Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship at Cedars-Sinai, where he was recognized with the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching. Dr. Danovitch’s research interests are focused on substance use disorders, as well as the integration of medical and mental health services. He is the author of over 50 original articles and book chapters. He was co-editor of the 2012 Psychiatric Clinics of North America special edition on addiction. Dr. Danovitch is a Past President of the California Society of Addiction Medicine, and has served on numerous committees at over the past ten years, including Public Policy, Communications, Education, and Integration and Access to Systems of Care. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. In 2016, he was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to serve as a Commissioner on the California Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission.

Stephen Dansiger, PsyD, MFT

Stephen Dansiger, PsyD, MFT played CBGB and Max’s Kansas City in the late 70s; drank, played drums in a toy rock band and then got sober in the late 80s; became an international educator and rocker again in the 90s; and a sought after clinician, writer and meditation teacher in the 2000s. Dr. Steve has attempted to cure Marc Maron on WTF, become a master EMDR therapist and provider of EMDR Basic Training and Advanced Topics Courses with the Institute for Creative Mindfulness, and helped set up the premiere Buddhist addictions rehab center, Refuge Recovery Centers. At the center he developed and instituted the MET(T)A Protocol, a design for addictions agency treatment using Buddhist Mindfulness and EMDR Therapy as the theoretical orientation and primary clinical practice. He is the author of Clinical Dharma: A Path for Healers and Helpers (2016) and avidly blogs and podcasts on topics related to mental health, recovery, and mindfulness. Besides maintaining a private practice in Los Angeles, he travels internationally speaking and teaching on Buddhist mindfulness, EMDR therapy, the MET(T)A Protocol, trauma, Buddhist approaches to treating addictions, and clinician self-care. He has been practicing Buddhist mindfulness for almost 30 years (including a one year residency at a Zen monastery) and teaches dharma classes regularly in Los Angeles and other centers internationally. His second book (co-authored with Dr. Jamie Marich), EMDR Therapy and Mindfulness for Trauma-Focused Care, is available now on Springer Publishing. His new book Mindfulness for Anger Management released in November 2018 on Althea Press.

Jonathan De Carlo, CAC III

Jonathan De Carlo, CAC III has experience in addiction/recovery and mental health care since 1995. He is currently the CEO for C4 Consulting - a firm committed to the financial and operational support of behavioral health and addiction treatment organizations and as Director of Operations at Recovery 360°- providing psychosocial rehabilitation, individual, group, marriage, and family therapy, and organizational development and consultation services. Jonathan currently serves as a board member of the Colorado Association of Addiction Professionals (CAAP), and on the Board of Directors of the Stout Street Foundation. Jonathan also serves as a consultant and trainer for Griffin Recovery Enterprises. Jonathan has extensive experience working with individuals, couples, and families during early recovery from addiction and mental health issues and seeks to help people find therapeutic solutions utilizing a wide array of modalities and approaches. Jonathan has developed care programs for inpatient and outpatient practices. Jonathan has a unique background in psychology, philosophy, and theology.

Michael Dinneen, LCSW, CACIII, CSAT

Michael Dinneen, LCSW, CACIII, CSAT is the Founder and Clinical Director of Valiant Living. He has 25 years of clinical and leadership experience. He has a strong interest in the spiritual development of individuals in our field of behavioral health. He speaks on topics of addiction recovery, holistic treatment, process addictions, trauma, relapse prevention and spiritual growth.

Brian Dunphey, MS, JF, LMFT, CSAT-C

Brian Dunphey, MS, JF, LMFT, CSAT-C is a family Therapist in state of CA. Practicing for over 8 years in field of addiction treatment. Former program director of Ocean Recovery, Newport Beach, CA where he founded the men's residential eating disorder track, the first of its kind in the US in a residential substance dependency setting. Brian has focused on Addiction Interaction Disorder treatment, currently serving as psychotherapist and director of outpatient programming at Blue Tiger Recovery in Palm Springs, which specializes in Sex Addiction & Trauma co-occurring with Substance Addiction. Brian is a candidate for Certification as Sex Addiction Therapist with IITAP. Has presented on Gestalt Experiential use of Hero's Journey Modern Myth at the Finding Freedom LGBTQ Trauma & Addictions Conference and will present in May 2018 on this area at CCAPP's Second Annual LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Conference. Brian has spent 7 years applying Experiential work to trauma informed care as a safe, meaningful way of integrating cognitive, emotional and spiritual dimensions of persons suffering with the compartmentalizing impact of chronic relapse.

Moe Gelbart, PhD

Moe Gelbart, PhD has been in practice in the South Bay since 1976. He received his PhD from the University of Southern California in 1979, and has been a licensed psychologist since 1980. He is listed in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, and is certified by the American Psychological Association in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders. In his private practice, Dr. Gelbart works extensively with alcohol and chemical dependency issues, including working with family members affected by the problem; with workplace stress and violence, relationship issues, sports psychology and performance enhancement, psychological effects of physical illness, anxiety and depressive disorders. Dr. Gelbart is a founder of the Thelma McMillen Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment at Torrance Memorial Medical Center, and presently serves as the Executive Director of the Thelma McMillen Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment at Torrance Memorial Medical Center. His past positions include Psychologist with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Clinical Director of the Bay Harbor Rehabilitation Pain Management Program, Clinical Director of the Torrance Memorial Hospital Outpatient Pain Program, Psychologist for the Torrance Memorial Psychiatric Services, and Clinical Director for PsychCare Alliance. He has a great deal of experience in working with the managed care industry, serves on several credentialing and quality assurance committees, and is a panel provider for most insurance plans. He has published more than 30 articles in sports psychology, with his column “Doc’s Corner” in Women’s Fastpitch, Travelball, and National Fastpitch Coach’s Association journal.

Maria Gray, MA, MEd, LMFT, NMP, CGP

Maria Gray, MA, MEd, LMFT, NMP, CGP is a therapist in private practice,specializing in addictions and trauma. Her approach combines a relational style with somatic therapy,and years of practicing meditation inform her work. She's certified in Brainspotting NARM and EMDR.

Eva Hibnick

Eva Hibnick is the founder of One Step Software, which provides software and services to sober livings to help them manage their homes more efficiently. Over 300 sober homes use One Step. One Step also offers an app for residents that has geolocation and allows residents to keep track of meeting count and get notified of upcoming events. Previously, Eva ran a successful digital agency and was a corporate lawyer in New York. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School.


Adrian Hickmon, PhD, MEd, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S, LADAC, CSAT-S, CMAT-S, CTT, EMDR I served as a Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy in the MFT Master's Program at Harding University. In 2001 he founded Capstone Treatment Center in Searcy, Arkansas, where he now serves as the CEO.

Norman Hoffmann, PhD

Norman Hoffmann, PhD, as a clinical psychologist, has 40 years of experience in the area of assessment research involving behavioral health conditions. He has led the team that validated the first brief screen for substance use disorders among arrestees and that screen has been applied in various other settings. His work with colleagues has documented that not all diagnostic criteria are equal in their implications and have developed a variety of assessment tools based on the DSM-5 and ASAM Criteria.

Tom Horvath, PhD, ABPP

Tom Horvath, PhD, ABPP, is the founder and president of Practical Recovery Psychology Group, a self-empowering addiction treatment center in San Diego, past president of the American Psychological Association's Society of Addiction Psychology (Division 50), the world's largest organization of addiction psychologists, past president of the San Diego Psychological Association, and author of "Sex, Drugs, Gambling & Chocolate: A Workbook for Overcoming Addictions" (recognized as a "Self-Help Book of Merit" by the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, and in Self-Help That Works, edited by Norcross, Campbell, Grohol and Santrock). He was the volunteer president of SMART Recovery, an international non-profit offering free, self-empowering mutual help groups for abstaining from any substance or activity, for 20 years. He is a fellow of the San Diego Psychological Association, the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, and the American Psychological Association.

Grant Hovik, MA

Grant Hovik, MA received his MA degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College. Mr. Hovik has worked in the field of substance use disorders since 2006. Currently, he is a trainer and curriculum developer for UCLA ISAP.

Andrew Kurtz, LMFT

Andrew Kurtz, LMFT has been a Clinical Specialist with UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs since 2014. Mr. Kurtz has previously served as a program director in community mental health, specializing in optimizing access to integrated services.

Jerry Lerner, MD

Jerry Lerner, MD brings together expertise in integrative healthcare, pain recovery, trauma, addiction and executive leadership at hospital, clinic and program levels. His passion is inspiring high functioning teams toward creating healing environments with an integrative, whole person approach. Lerner enjoys thinking outside the box and exploring leading-edge approaches to wellness, resilience, and recovery. He has a great love for teaching and sharing ideas, offering an extensive portfolio of presentations, lectures, and workshops. He likes to believe his lifelong love of the arts, and piano in particular, helps keep is left and right brain processes balanced and open.

Claudia Lewis, LMFT

Claudia Lewis, LMFT is an LMFT in private practice. She has completed multiple trainings in EMDR, is certified and an Approved Consultant for EMDRIA. She is fully trained and certified in Brainspotting, and is the Co-Founder of Brainspotting LA.

Andrew Martin, MBA LAADC

Andrew Martin, MBA LAADC is the Chief Operating Officer at Behavioral Health Association of Providers, a national trade association that provides regulatory and compliance resources to behavioral health and addiction treatment professionals. Andrew's extensive experience in the addiction treatment industry dates back to 2005 and includes founding and operating Serene Scene Magazine, a monthly magazine with a circulation approaching 30,000 subscribers. He also launched The Evolution of Addiction Treatment Conference, which delivered high level learning to addiction treatment professionals, developed, a directory of addiction treatment resources and information for the United States and Canada, and spearheaded Serene Center, a 36 bed transitional sober living and outpatient treatment facility for those in early recovery. Andrew has also authored three books: Effective Time Management for High Achievers, Point of Return Book One, and Point of Return Book Two. Prior to his entry into the addiction treatment industry, Andrew spent two decades in manufacturing and contracting industries.

Kathleen Murphy, PhD, MT-BC

Kathleen M. Murphy, PhD, MT-BC is the Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Music Therapy.  She received her undergraduate degree in Music Education with a concentration in Music Therapy from Duquesne University.  She received her master’s degree and doctoral degree in music therapy from Temple University.

She is an active clinician, supervisor and researcher with over 30 years of clinical experience in healthcare and educational institutions. She has authored book chapters and journal articles and is the associate editor of Music Therapy Research, (3rd Edition). 

Dr. Murphy has presented nationally and internationally on a variety of topics related to music therapy clinical practice and issues related to education and professional well-being. Her research interests are focused on music therapy in substance dependence treatment across the life span and post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Murphy is a member of the American Music Therapy Association where she has served in leadership positions on the state, regional and national levels.

Harry Nelson, JD

Harry Nelson, JD is the co-founder and managing partner of Nelson Hardiman, LLP, a healthcare and life sciences law firm based in Los Angeles, California that has been recognized for its leadership and innovation. He is the co-author of the 2017 book, From ObamaCare to Trumpcare: Why You Should Care, which focused on the recent past and future of U.S. health policy. Since 2016, Harry has chaired the board of the Behavioral Health Association of Providers (BHAP), a national education and advocacy organization that works to develop evidence-based standards to improve the quality and safety of addiction treatment and behavioral health. His leadership role in crisis response to health system failure in opioid overdoses and addiction treatment led to Harry’s forthcoming book, The United States of Opioids: A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Pain will be published in January 2019 by ForbesBooks. The book lays out a roadmap for the way out of the deadliest public health crisis in U.S. history, offering insights into how our health system needs to adapt, a look at underlying root causes in modern life, and practical tools for families, employers, and communities to prevent and intervene in opioid addiction.

Pete Nielsen, MA, CADC II

Pete Nielsen, MA, CADC II is the Chief Executive Officer for the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP), CCAPP Credentialing, and CCAPP Educational Institute. Califonia Consortum of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) is the largest statewide consortium of community-based for profit and nonprofit substance use disorder treatment agencies, and addiction focused professionals, providing services to over a 100,000 California residents annually in residential, outpatient, and private practice settings. Its 12,000 individual addiction professionals and 500 programs provide substance use disorder treatment services in the majority of DHCS licensed and/or certified sites throughout the state and constitute the largest infrastructure of the state's publicly funded substance use disorder treatment network. CCAPP is the only statewide consortium representing all modalities of substance use disorder treatment programs.

Iman Parhami, MD, MPH

Iman Parhami, MD, MPH, is a double-board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist with a focus in addictive disorders. Dr. Parhami sees adult patients at one of L.A.’s Department of Mental Health clinics, where he helped establish and currently co-leader of the Co-Occurring Disorders Clinic. In addition, he is the psychiatrist for a private residential treatment center for adolescents with dual diagnosis. Dr. Parhami also sees children and adolescents at USC's University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

Barbara Peavey, PhD, MS, PsyPharm

Barbara Peavey, PhD, MS, PsyPharm is an internationally recognized psychologist. Dr. Peavey holds a PhD from the University of North Texas in Behavioral Medicine / Clinical Psychology and a Post-Doctoral degree in Psychopharmacology. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lawlis-Peavey PsychoNeuroPlasticity (PNP) Center, an assessment center recognized by Dr. Phil Show for its outstanding capability to work with complex brain-based disorders and a consulting psychologist with Origins Recovery Centers developing and integrating principles and practices of psychoneuroplasticity with 12-Step for more comprehensive addiction recovery.

Mark Pirtle, DPT, Chronic pain specialist, meditation teacher

Dr. Mark Pirtle is among those at the forefront of integral thinking in the recovery community. He is a clinician, businessman, filmmaker, writer, public speaker and true “innerpreneur." His colleagues and business partners regard Pirtle as an extremely well-informed generalist—a holistically inclined pattern-recognizer—who connects the dots between science, spirituality, wellness, business, and culture.

Pirtle completed his doctor of physical therapy degree (with distinction) from Northern Arizona University. Subsequently, he became intensely interested in Buddhist psychology as it applies to healing stress-related illnesses (addictions, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and more).

Synthesizing the disciplines of living systems theory and mindfulness meditation, he developed an evidence-based program for people suffering from stress-related illnesses he calls Skillfully Aware®.

His curriculum was used to develop the first ever pain program at Sierra Tucson, an in-patient psychiatric (rehab) hospital. Subsequently, was asked to teach for the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine Fellowship program.

Along with two-time Emmy Award winning Director, Frances Causey, he produced a documentary film titled, Is Your Story Making You Sick? Pirtle speaks around the world on his clinical platform inspiring clients and professionals alike with his unique and immediately applicable mind-body approaches to healing.

Hanna Rose

Hanna Rose has been working with individuals with substance use disorder for 32 years. Her passion for social justice and equal voice has been the source of her motivation and inspiration throughout her career. Her experience includes research, curricula development, facilitation of learning events, technical assistance delivery and recovery coaching. Most recently, Hannah has developed the National Recovery Institute, a program of Faces & Voices of Recovery. The institute is the primary vehicle for delivering training, technical assistance, evaluation, research, translation and capacity building products. During her tenure, she has participated in national expert panels in the development of standards and best practices regarding recovery peer support services along with authoring two publications on peer supervision and a self care toolkit for professionals in this field.

Thom Rutledge, MSSW, LCSW

Thom Rutledge, MSSW, LCSW is a psychotherapist and author of several books, including "Embracing Fear", "What Love Is" and "Earning Your Own Respect". Allen Berger & Thom Rutledge have been co-presenting their ever-evolving Points of Intervention for many years.

Shannon Savage-Howie, MA

Shannon Savage-Howie MA, is a certified spiritual director and a deacon in the Lutheran church. She is currently working in treatment incorporating spirituality and art in group settings. She received her Master of Arts degree from Luther Seminary.

Andrew Susskind, LCSW, SEP, CGP

Andrew Susskind, LCSW, SEP, CGP is a psychotherapist based in West L.A.since 1992. His upcoming book, "It's Not About the Sex: Moving from Isolation to Intimacy after Sexual Addiction" will be published by Central Recovery Press in June 2019.


Bob Tyler, BA, LAADC, CADC II, ICADC has worked in recovery since 1990. He is the owner of Bob Tyler Recovery Services (consulting, CD private practice, public speaking), a past president of CAADAC, a founding board member of CCAPP, and is an extension faculty member at LMU. He has authored "Enough Already!" and has released a DVD entitled "Craving and Relapse".

Brenda Westberry, MS

Brenda Westberry, MS is President of Westberry Consulting and is involved in providing training and workshops for organizations throughout the country. She is a retired Probation Chief with over 30 yrs of experience in the field of criminal justice & substance use.

Mary Woods, BC-RN, LCS, LADC, MSHS

Mary Woods, BC-RN, LCS, LADC, MSHS is a Licensed Registered Nurse and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. She has recently retired and created a consulting practice. Mary has extensive experience in the treatment of dual disorders and program implementation.