C4 Recovery Solutions, Inc. was established as a non-profit corporation to promote the design, provision and monitoring of outcomes-based services that initiate and sustain recovery from substance use disorders as well as improve prevention and harm reduction strategies that mitigate addiction’s worst effects. C4 facilitates conferences and workshops related to outcomes-oriented models and works with interested organizations and individuals worldwide to establish, manage and measure demonstration projects. C4 is dedicated to improving access and accountability for the treatment of substance use disorders, and seeks to advance these goals by initiating constructive dialogue among all interested groups; educating and motivating policy makers so they can embrace new strategies; and aiding in the design and implementation of programs demonstrating the efficacy of outcomes-based funding for treatment services through:


Consulting — Making expert support and tools available to help agencies, programs, and purchasers custom design and implement strategies to address issues of vital importance to achieve success;


Conferencing — Providing platforms for the dissemination of effective practices;


Collaborating — Bringing together purchasers, payers, providers and policymakers to im-prove collaboration in the implementation of outcomes-informed strategies;


Convening — Initiating constructive dialogues for the professional community or those interested in recovery to grow and disseminate knowledge and build the effectiveness of all interested groups.


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  • CCSAD is a wonderful conference bringing together addiction professionals of all types in one large collaborative setting. It has become an absolute must for me each year and provides excellent quality and value for continuing medical education.

  • This event was one of the most informative learning experiences I've ever had in my 28 years of work!

  • The Cape Cod Symposium is a primary source of new information and new developments in the field of addiction. It is my most important professional development activity every year. The reputation of the conference seems to just keep getting better and better. See you in September.

  • I have gone to many conferences in my over 30 years in the addiction field and I can say I like this one the best. It was professional people with great, knowledge, insights, and experiences getting together and sharing and supporting each other. That to me is what it is all about.

  • I look forward to this conference every year. I always leave with a full tool bag and a renewed confidence in new and exciting ways to take care of those suffering from addictions!

  • CCSAD continues to be the premier training and education event for the addiction field because it does so well what others try to do, but fall short. It provides the opportunity for the frontline practitioner and administrator to experience gold standard, relevant, challenging, thought-provoking, and meaningful content, while also offering unique networking opportunities that are both fun and renewing for the spirit. One simply can't do better!

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